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Mysterious Solway Astronaut photo

Mysterious Solway Astronaut photo

This mysterious photo is also known as the Solway Firth Spaceman phot which was taken by a photographer Jim Templeton in 1964.

Jim Templeton along with his wife and five years old daughter went to Burgh Marsh located in Cumbria, England. He was taking pictures of his wife and daughter by using a SLR Kodak Camera. However when he clicked few pictures of his daughter a strange astronaut like being appeared in the background. Jim didn’t notice the spaceman till the photos were developed. When he saw the photo he was shocked to see the spaceman in the picture. He also said that there were very few people in the park when he clicked that picture.

Later when he shared the pictures with the media most of the media reports declared that the photo is most likely to be a fake photo. Later it was confirmed by the camera company Kodak that the photo is real and unaltered.

The photo was topic of discussion for many ufologists and paranormal enthusiasts. There was worldwide curiosity to know the truth about the photo.

The photo was not fake many experts tried to figure out what the picture might be. Later it was concluded that the spaceman was no else but Jim’s wife Annie. She may have been standing in the background and Jim won’t have been able to see his wife because the camera viewfinder doesn’t show 100% of the picture which is being taken as it was bright day the picture taken was a result of overexposure.

Later by using advance technology and making adjustments it was confirmed to that the spaceman was no one else but his wife only.

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