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Mystery of the Mothman

Mystery of the Mothman

Mothman is a winged moth like creature which has been seen in the area of Point Pleasant, West Virginia. The first sighting of Mothman was recorded in 1966 in a cemetery when some men observed a moth like creature on the trees of the cemetery.
Right after 3 days from the initial sightings two couples also saw a similar creature which had red eyes and large wingspan. The creature was observed in Point Pleasant. The creature is also thought to be responsible for disappearance of a dog.

Many other sightings continued till 15 December 1967. The sightings stopped as mysteriously as it started after the collapse of Silver Bridge on the same day. Many people believe that was somewhat involved for that incident as it was seen near the bridge before the incident.

Red pattern on Sandhill Crane's head

There are many possible explanations for the Mothman sightings. The possible explanation are Sandhill Crane which is a large species of crane with large wingspan and it also has red color around its eyes and the other explanation for red glowing eyes may be of a big owl.

However some people believe that Mothman would have been an extraterrestrial being because of its moth like appearance.

Mothman’s statue was erected in 2003. Annual Mothman festival is also held in Point Pleasant. Mothman has been included in many video games, books and movies.

What do you think Mothman was an alien or it was something else? Comment your opinion below.

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  1. There was a theory gleaned from Carl Sagan's research that there was an ET species which had a triple strand DNA helix and that they could "change" their physical form.


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