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Top 10 Anime villains

Top 10 Anime villains

There are villains in most of the anime some have superpowers while some are just normal humans but only thing which makes them different from our heroes is their evil nature. The list we have created depends upon the evilness and also the number of individuals who had had to sacrifice their lives for the sake of these villains. There are also some spoilers in the post so be warned.

10. Envy – Full Metal Alchemist (2003-2009)

Envy’s form may appear like a cute teen girl but she’s pure evil from inside the member of the homunculus has some special abilities like shape shifting. She can transform into any human form her transformation helped her to murder Maes Hughes which was indeed one of the saddest death in anime.

9. Orochimaru – Naruto (2003-2007)

Orochimaru isn’t like the standard villain who just wants power. His quest is for knowledge he wants to learn the secrets of the ninja world. In order to complete his goals he strives for immortality so that he lives long enough to learn everything in order to achieve his goals he performed some brutal experiments on villagers.

8. Father – Full Metal Alchemist (2003-2009)

Father is the leader of homunculi and the creator of all the other homunculi. Father’s second form is strikingly similar to Van Hohenheim the father of Elric brothers. His aim is to be the perfect being for which he can do anything for achieving his goals. He is shown calm in the series but as soon he gets the power he wanted his true evil nature is revealed.

7. Naraku – Inuyasha (2000-2004)

Naraku the main antagonist of the series Inuyasha has only one goal to get the Shikon no Tama (a Jewel) which will grant him super powers and that would release his half human form and which would further increase his powers. He was the one responsible for the death of Kikyo.

6. Griffith – Berserk (1997-present)

Griffith does not look dangerous as the standard villains but he is one of the most twisted villains. He is the charismatic leader of Falconia and member of God Hand. He in his Femto form sexually assaults Casca the wife of Guts in such a way that their unborn child is left deformed and also guts loses his arm and an eye while trying to save Casca.

5. The Major – Hellsing (2006-2012)

The Major was the picked by Adolf Hitler to complete a secret project of vampirization. However the war ended earlier than he thought before the project could be completed he was able to leave Nazi Germany and modify his body in cyborg so he can live long enough to complete his goals. He is responsible for more than 3000000 people.

4. Light Yagami – Death Note (2006-2007)

Light Yagami the main protagonist of the series becomes more and more god like by the end of the series. In order to prevent himself from getting caught by the police he murders thousands of people by writing there name in the death note. He targeted everyone who he thought could get in his way of becoming god of the new world.

3. Johan Liebert – Monster (2004-2010)

Johan Liebert is the main antagonist and the Monster in the anime. He is a cold blooded serial killer he uses his intelligence and manipulative skills to kill people. He was born out of an experiment in which a new born will be highly intelligent as well as have perfect appearance. His main aim is to be alone at the end of the world.

2. Aizen – Bleach (2004-2012)

Aizen appears to be a good and kind captain however he uses this good and kind behavior to cover up his evil side. He would do anything to achieve his goals even if it may be killing or manipulating people. His main is to overtake the place of king of the Soul Society.

1. Frieza – Dragonball Z (1996-2003)

Frieza the first main antagonist of the dragon ball z is a ruthless leader of planet trade organization. He used saiyans to complete his goals of winning over planets for him so he could sell them at higher prize. As he observed that the saiyans are becoming more powerful and they can cause trouble to him he decided to completely wipe out the entire saiyan race. He was responsible for the Genocide of the Saiyan Race.

Do you have any other favorite anime villains? Please mention in the comments below! 

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