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Top 10 Most Addictive Games

Top 10 Most Addictive Games

How many times have you felt like playing on a game continuously for hours just because it was addictive? Here is the list of top 10 most addictive video games. We have created the list on the popularity and the number of players who have played these games.

10. Counter Strike

The game since its initial release in 1999 has been a hit in online gaming. The game was developed by Valve Corporation. There are many competition of Counter Strike around the world. The main objective of the game is to complete the missions by being either on the terrorist side or the counter terrorist side. Many people are addicted to play this game.

9. Candy Crush Saga

We all have seen people playing Candy Crush on their phone it may be place, restaurant or any other public place. We all have also got Candy Crush requests on Facebook. The gameplay is similar to its name the player has to complete objective by swiping candies. The game is also one of the most downloaded game on Android phone.

8. Diablo 3

Blizzard entertainment’s third installment of Diablo series was released in 2012. The gameplay is not much different from its previous part however the graphics and the gameplay quality are much improved. The player has to choose one character to play from variety of six characters. It also made a record that year of fastest selling game of the year.

7. Minecraft

Minecraft is an open world game designed by Mojang it was initially released in 2011. The game is available on almost all gaming platforms. There are no restrictions and missions for the players. The players can decide how they can play the game. Everything in the game is made up of cubes. There are also for placing and breaking blocks.

6. GTA 5

The open world game developed by ROckstar Games was released in 2013 on PS3 and Xbox 360. Later in 2015 it was released on PC. The gameplay is quite similar to other GTA parts. The player has to complete missions. However three playable characters are available player can switch in between these three characters. The missions are quite fun to complete and with cheats it makes the game more addictive.

5. The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

Skyrim is also an open world role playing game. The game has been released on Xbox, PS3 and PC. The game can be played from first person view or a third person view. The player can explore village, towns and jungles. Players have to fight different monsters. There are various races available to choose from how the character will be.

4. DOTA 2

DOTA is an online multiplayer game the game was developed by Valve Corporation and was released in 2013. The player has to form a team and combat against the other team. The main aim is to destroy the strongholds of the opposite team. Worldwide there have been many competitions to play DOTA 2. There are many heroes available from which players can choose one.

3. Sims

 The life simulating video game is also one of the bestselling video game series from EA games. The game is also available on mobile platforms like android and ios. The game has simple objective that is to take care of the Sims which they have created. The game also holds a Guinness world record for the best selling simulation game.

2. Call of Duty

The first person shooting game published by Activision has sold more than 175 million copies worldwide. The game has first person shooting view in gameplay. The player has to complete the objectives. The game has been released on almost all gaming platforms. The game has events from World War 2 and also many weapons from that time are available in the game.

1. World of WarCraft

The online multiplayer game released by Blizzard Entertainment in 2004. The game has highest number of subscribers for a MMORPG. The player has to create a character from various available races and then complete quests to improve their skills. The game is so addictive that many adults use parenteral controls on themselves to limit the amount of time they play the game.

Which is your favorite game from this list? If your favorite game is not mentioned in this list then please comment below.

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