Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Dead alien found in California after ufo sightings?

 Dead alien found in California after ufo sightings?

Pictures of dead alien found by a resident of California has been a bit on the social media since it was uploaded. Because of this pictures some people believed that there are aliens in California.

It all began when the pictures of dead alien was uploaded by a woman named Gianna Peponis a resident of San Jose, California.

The woman claimed she heard a scream at 11:30 PM on her backyard and found the dead alien fetus and she also said that it was dead when she found it.
She later uploaded the photos to her Facebook profile which became viral.

There was also an UFO sighting before the pictures were uploaded. A blue light was observed in California before the event.  The military later claimed it was a missile test. However many people believed it was actually an UFO and the military was trying to cover up the incident by saying it was a missile test.

Afterwards when many people saw the pictures they commented that it was not an alien but a deer fetus.

What do you think it was an alien or it was a deer fetus? Comment your opinion below. 

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