Friday, 13 November 2015

Top 5 Shocking Aamir Khan controversies

Top 5 Shocking Aamir Khan controversies

5. Extra marital affair

Aamir khan was married to Reena Dutta but there were many rumors about Aamir Khan having an affair with Kiran Rao. Initially all this news was thought to be rumors. However later when Aamir Khan divorced his first wife it was clear that things weren’t going well in his marriage life and later he married Kiran Rao.

4. Narmada Dam comments

Aamir Khan’s movie Fanaa had to face some serious problems in Gujarat as the actor supported the villagers who would be relocated due to construction of Dam on Narmada River. The movie’s box office collection was also affected due his comments the movie was eventually banned in Gujarat.

3. Pk Poster

A FIR was lodged against the actor for spreading nudity and vulgarism. The poster of his movie Pk depicted Aamir Khan standing nude on a railway track and covering his body parts with the help of a large stereo. Many people criticized Aamir Khan for his Pk poster and said it was against Indian traditions and values.

2. Calling his dog Shahrukh

Aamir Khan named his pet dog Shahrukh which left many SRK fans fuming. Aamir said on his social media account that “Shahrukh is licking his feet and he is feeding him biscuits”. He also said on his blog that before people could misunderstood him Shahrukh is the name of his dog. It was later revealed that during that time relations between both Khans were not that good.

1. Affair with Jessica Hines

This was one of the biggest controversies in Aamir Khan’s career when a magazine published an article claiming that the actor had a relationship with British journalist Jessica Hines during the shooting of movie Ghulam and they had a child together. The magazine also claimed that Aamir Khan left Hines when she got pregnant.

What do you think are all these controversies true? Or they are just hoaxes?

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