Friday, 13 November 2015

This terrifying fish you never want to encounter.

This terrifying fish you never want to encounter.

African Tigerfish is a species of tigerfish found in Africa. The fish is widely distributed throughout the African continent. They are large freshwater fishes they are mostly found in lakes and rivers in African continent.

Small African Tigerfish (Image Source- Wikipedia) 

 It is one of the scariest large water fishes as it have sharp razor like interlocking teeth. They are brutal predators and hunt mostly in groups. The biggest fish ever caught had weight of 70kg.

Image source - River Monsters

Some attacks on humans are known by this fish. The fish live closer to the surface of the water during day and during night they move in deeper water. They live in water with high oxygen content and warm environment.

The fish is one of the few freshwater fishes which are known to catch birds. The fish have been seen to catch birds flying near to the surface of water or the birds which travel or swim in water. The fish is able to come out of the water for some distance so that it can catch the bird.

The fish is also been kept as an exotic pet however it can be dangerous as this fish grows it becomes difficult to handle fish of such large size. Its razor sharp teeth may also cause some serious injuries. Carrying this fish is banned in some states of USA.

Jeremy Wade the host of the show river monster was able to catch one such fish in one of the episodes.

Would you ever dare to encounter this fish in your life comment about your opinion below! 

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