Tuesday, 17 November 2015

5 Large extinct versions of today’s animals

5 Large extinct versions of today’s animals

Some of the large predators on land and in water today are scary enough but you haven’t yet seen the larger version of these animals which are now extinct.

5. Meganeura (Largest Dragonfly)

Meganeura was a large dragonfly species which existed 300 million years ago. It is thought to have wingspan of more than two feet and also it was the largest flying insect. It is believed that it had such great size was because of the high oxygen content in the environment during that period.

4. Jaekelopterus (Largest Scorpio)

People are scared even of small scorpions just think about the scorpion which would have been more than 8 feet long and the claw of this scorpion would have been more than 3 feet long. The scorpion is thought to live in freshwater. The scorpion is the largest arthropod to ever exist.

3. Arctodus Simus (Largest Bear)

It was a large bear which existed in North America. It is thought to be extinct about 11000 years ago. The majority of the population of these bears existed in California. It is thought to be 12 feet tall and it would have been weighed around a ton. Its remains were first in California.

2. Sarcosushes (Largest Crocodile)

Sarcosushes was a large crocodile which existed around 112 million years ago. The crocodile is thought to be 36-39 feet long and would have weight of around 9 tons. The first specimen of this crocodile was found in Niger in 1957. It was later named later in 1966 as Sarcosushus which means flesh crocodile.

1. Megalodon (Largest Shark)

Estimated size of Megalodon

The largest shark to ever exist is the Megalodon. The large shark is thought to look like Great White shark however it was more than twice in size compared to Great White. It would have been 55-60 feet long and could have weighed close to 90-100 tons.

Which one do you think is the scariest? Comment your opinion below.

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