Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Aleshenka - a human baby or alien?

Aleshenka - a human baby or alien?

Aleshenka was a unusual baby discovered in 1996 by a mentally disturbed woman in a village near Kyshtym, Oblast, Russia. The lady who found the fetus claimed that she found the baby after she heard the sound of the baby. The woman took the baby home. When asked about the baby the lady claimed that it was alive when she found it. The fetus was taken by police for further investigation.

The woman who it was admitted to a mental hospital but she later died in an attempt to escape from the hospital.

The remains of Aleshenka were later lost however from the DNA testing from the cloths in which it was wrapped revealed that it was indeed a human fetus with abnormalities. The lady claimed that the fetus was alive but scientists concluded it could have not survived more than few hours.

The possible explanation for the abnormal fetus can be because of high level of radiation in the area in which it was found. There was a nuclear accident in the same place in 1957. It is believed that continuous exposure to the radiation may have caused the abnormalities.

It was confirmed to be a human fetus however many people believe it was an alien and the disappearance of its remains raised more questions.

What do you think Aleshenka was an alien or just a human baby? Comment your opinion below.

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