Wednesday, 23 March 2016

5 Creepy things found under bed

Here are the 5 creepy things found under bed!

5. Sinkhole under bed

A woman in Guatemala City heard a loud noise and woke up she went outside to see from where did the noise came. Later one of her neighbor told her that the noise came from her home when she checked her bed she found a sinkhole which was found to be 3 feet wide and 40 feet deep under her bed.

4. Napoleon's Penis

After Napoleon's death autopsy was performed on his body many of his organs were preserved however his penis was given to a priest. Later it was auctioned in 1924 and was later bought by an urologist in 1977 and he kept it under his bed for 30 years until his daughter discovered it.

3. Burglar under bed

In 2015 an elderly lady was looking for her cat but she couldn't find it but she heard some noise coming from under her bed. She tried to find the cat by putting her hand under the bed but she touched was a human she immediately called the police the man was a burglar as was immediately charged.

2. Meth Addict under bed

In July 2014 a Seattle couple returned home their home was in total chaos all the things were scattered all over. Police were immediately called but didn't discover anything after the police left couple heard some strange noises from under their bed police was called and they discovered a meth addict woman under their bed.

1. Crocodile under bed

In 2013 Guy Whitall an ex cricket player was staying in a hotel in Zimbabwe. He slept in the room for 8 hours but he didn't knew that a crocodile was lying under his bed when a maid came to his room to serve breakfast she screamed as she saw the crocodile later the authorities removed the crocodile.

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