Thursday, 10 December 2015

A unique species of Snake – Madagascar Leaf Nosed Snake

A unique species of Snake – Madagascar Leaf Nosed Snake

This unique looking snake is the Madagascar Leaf Nosed Snake. This species of snake is only found in Madagascar.

Most of the snakes have yellowish and brownish color which helps them to hide in its habitant. It is found in both dry and rain forests.

The most unique feature about this snake is its leaf shaped nose. This unique characteristic is only found in this species of snake.

The snake mostly feeds on lizards. They can be one meter long. This species of snake isn’t aggressive like other species of snake. It doesn’t hunt down its prey rather it waits in its camouflaged environment for the prey.

This snake doesn’t usually bite people however it only bites when it feels that its life is in danger. The venom of the snake isn’t fatal however on biting it may cause intense pain.

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