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You won’t believe but this is the most deadly insect in the world

You won’t believe but this is the most deadly insect in the world

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Mosquito is the World’s most dangerous insect. It may appear small but it is responsible for more death than any other insects, animals and other marine creatures.
Mosquitoes are vectors to many diseases. The most annoying part is they feed on blood they suck blood for nutrients. Malaria is the disease caused by Female Anopheles Mosquito. Malaria alone constitute for more than one million deaths worldwide.

Image source - Wikipedia

Malaria is caused by a protozoan of plasmodium species which is carried by mosquitoes. The symptoms of disease include fever and chills and if proper treatment is not received on time the person coma or even death can occur.

Resistant to some of Anti Malarial medicines have also been observed in some countries. Also resistance to certain pesticides has also been observed in mosquitoes.
The best way to avoid mosquito bites is to use repellant when travelling to the places which there more cases of malaria and also use mosquito nets to sleep.

Also Gambusia also known as Mosquitofish which eats mosquito larva has also been utilized to decrease mosquito population.

Mosquitoes can also breed at high rate and its larva can survive in small quantities of water. As mosquitoes grow in stagnant water people should also try to avoid stagnant water from being collected.

Although some countries in the world are free of mosquitoes. Many Asian and African countries have been affected by malaria.

Do you think mosquito is the most deadly insect? Or you think some other insect is more dangerous than please mention it in comments below.

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