Sunday, 29 November 2015

You won’t believe but this creature does exist!

You won’t believe but this creature does exist!

This creature is called the frilled shark. It is a rare species of shark which inhabits the bottom of the ocean. This species of sharks are found in some parts of Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. The shark is called living fossil because it has not changed much from millions of years ago.

The shark can be more than 6 feet long and the shark has a long body and needle like teeth which helps the shark in catching fishes and the needle like teeth prevents the prey from escaping. It usually preys on small fishes.

This shark is not fished for economic purpose however it is caught accidently in nets used for commercial fishing. Most of these sharks die in the nets and also the reproductive rate is very and gestation period for these sharks can be more than three years due to which its population is decreasing. It is now near threatened now.

It is not considered a threat to humans as there are very less chances of interaction with these sharks less as these sharks live at the bottom of the ocean. However its pointed teeth may cause injures.

The shark also have been misidentified as a sea serpent because these sharks have long bodies and have different appearance compared to other species of sharks.

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