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Mystery of the Flatwood monster

Mystery of the Flatwood monster

Flatwood monster was an unidentified unusual creature which was spotted in Flatwoods, West Virginia on 12 Sep 1952.

The witnesses describe the monster to be 7 feet tall its eyes were abnormally and glowing head. The hands of the monster were like birds claw. The head of the monster was large and its body was abnormally shaped.

The monster was seen at night the people in the nearby area also said that they saw UFOs like lights in sky which may have been a meteor. Some people who saw the monster became ill for some days which may be because of the emission emitted by the monster however doctors say it may have been because of the sudden shock which people felt after seeing the monster.

The possible related explanation for this monster can be owl which may have scared people during the night and in fearful situation people may have thought it is a monster. The features like big eyes and bird like claws closely resembles the owl.
The sketches of the monster described by the people who saw the monster were widely publicized.

The monster has been part of many video games. It is seen as boss and alien in many video games.

What do you think Flatwood Monster was an alien or just misidentified owl?

Comment your opinions below.

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